Cost-Aware Culture - Cost Optimization Pillar

Cost-Aware Culture

Create a cost aware culture: Implement changes or programs across your organization to create a cost aware culture. It is recommended to start small, then as your capabilities increase and your organization’s use of the cloud increases, implement large and wide ranging programs.

A cost aware culture allows you to scale cost optimization and cloud financial management through best practices that are performed in an organic and decentralized manner across your organization. This creates high levels of capability across your organization with minimal effort, compared to a strict top-down, centralized approach.

Small changes in culture can have large impacts on the efficiency of your current and future workloads. Examples of this include:

  • Gamifying cost and usage across your organization. This can be done through a publicly visible dashboard, or a report that compares normalized costs and usage across teams (for example, cost per workload, cost per transaction).

  • Recognizing cost efficiency. Reward voluntary or unsolicited cost optimization accomplishments publicly or privately, and learn from mistakes to avoid repeating them in the future.

  • Create top-down organizational requirements for workloads to run at pre-defined budgets.

Keep up to date with new service releases: You may be able to implement new AWS services and features to increase cost efficiency in your workload. Regularly review the AWS News Blog, the AWS Cost Management blog, and What’s New with AWS for information on new service and feature releases.