COST08-BP02 Select components to optimize data transfer cost - Cost Optimization Pillar

COST08-BP02 Select components to optimize data transfer cost

All components are selected, and architecture is designed to reduce data transfer costs. This includes using components such as wide-area-network (WAN) optimization and Multi-Availability Zone (AZ) configurations

Level of risk exposed if this best practice is not established: Medium

Implementation guidance

Architecting for data transfer ensures that you minimize data transfer costs. This may involve using content delivery networks to locate data closer to users, or using dedicated network links from your premises to AWS. You can also use WAN optimization and application optimization to reduce the amount of data that is transferred between components.

Implementation steps

  • Select components for data transfer: Using the data transfer modeling, focus on where the largest data transfer costs are or where they would be if the workload usage changes. Look for alternative architectures, or additional components that remove or reduce the need for data transfer, or lower its cost.


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