Decommission Resources - Cost Optimization Pillar

Decommission Resources

After you manage a list of projects, employees, and technology resources over time you will be able to identify which resources are no longer being used, and which projects that no longer have an owner.

Track resources over their lifetime: Decommission workload resources that are no longer required. A common example is resources used for testing, after testing has been completed, the resources can be removed. Tracking resources with tags (and running reports on those tags) will help you identify assets for decommission. Using tags is an effective way to track resources, by labeling the resource with its function, or a known date when it can be decommissioned. Reporting can then be run on these tags. Example values for feature tagging are “featureX testing” to identify the purpose of the resource in terms of the workload lifecycle.

Implement a decommissioning process: Implement a standardized process across your organization to identify and remove unused resources. The process should define the frequency searches are performed, and the processes to remove the resource to ensure that all organization requirements are met.

Decommission resources: The frequency and effort to search for unused resources should reflect the potential savings, so an account with a small cost should be analyzed less frequently than an account with larger costs. Searches and decommission events can be triggered by state changes in the workload, such as a product going end of life or being replaced. Searches and decommission events may also be triggered by external events, such as changes in market conditions or product termination.

Decommission resources automatically: Use automation to reduce or remove the associated costs of the decommissioning process. Designing your workload to perform automated decommissioning will reduce the overall workload costs during its lifetime. You can use AWS Auto Scaling to perform the decommissioning process. You can also implement custom code using the API or SDK to decommission workload resources automatically.