Review - AWS Well-Architected Framework


Cloud technologies are rapidly evolving and you must ensure that workload components are using the latest technologies and approaches to continually improve performance. You must continually evaluate and consider changes to your workload components to ensure you are meeting its performance and cost objectives. New technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), can allow you to reimagine customer experiences and innovate across all of your business workloads.

Take advantage of the continual innovation at AWS driven by customer need. We release new Regions, edge locations, services, and features regularly. Any of these releases could positively improve the performance efficiency of your architecture.

The following question focuses on these considerations for performance efficiency.

PERF 6:  How do you evolve your workload to take advantage of new releases?
When architecting workloads, there are finite options that you can choose from. However, over time, new technologies and approaches become available that could improve the performance of your workload.

Architectures performing poorly are usually the result of a non-existent or broken performance review process. If your architecture is performing poorly, implementing a performance review process will allow you to apply Deming’s plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle to drive iterative improvement.