Selection - AWS Well-Architected Framework


The optimal solution for a particular workload varies, and solutions often combine multiple approaches. Well-architected workloads use multiple solutions and enable different features to improve performance.

AWS resources are available in many types and configurations, which makes it easier to find an approach that closely matches your workload needs. You can also find options that are not easily achievable with on-premises infrastructure. For example, a managed service such as Amazon DynamoDB provides a fully managed NoSQL database with single-digit millisecond latency at any scale.

The following question focuses on these considerations for performance efficiency. (For a list of performance efficiency questions and best practices, see the Appendix.).

PERF 1:  How do you select the best performing architecture?
Often, multiple approaches are required for optimal performance across a workload. Well-architected systems use multiple solutions and features to improve performance.

Use a data-driven approach to select the patterns and implementation for your architecture and achieve a cost effective solution. AWS Solutions Architects, AWS Reference Architectures, and AWS Partner Network (APN) partners can help you select an architecture based on industry knowledge, but data obtained through benchmarking or load testing will be required to optimize your architecture.

Your architecture will likely combine a number of different architectural approaches (for example, event-driven, ETL, or pipeline). The implementation of your architecture will use the AWS services that are specific to the optimization of your architecture's performance. In the following sections we discuss the four main resource types to consider (compute, storage, database, and network).