SUS02-BP05 Optimize team member resources for activities performed - AWS Well-Architected Framework

SUS02-BP05 Optimize team member resources for activities performed

Optimize resources provided to team members to minimize the environmental sustainability impact while supporting their needs.

Common anti-patterns:

  • You ignore the impact of devices used by your team members on the overall efficiency of your cloud application.

  • You manually manage and update resources used by team members.

Benefits of establishing this best practice: Optimizing team member resources improves the overall efficiency of cloud-enabled applications.

Level of risk exposed if this best practice is not established: Low

Implementation guidance

Understand the resources your team members use to consume your services, their expected lifecycle, and the financial and sustainability impact. Implement strategies to optimize these resources. For example, perform complex operations, such as rendering and compilation, on highly utilized scalable infrastructure instead of on underutilized high-powered single-user systems.

Implementation steps

  • Provision workstations and other devices to align with how they’re used.

  • Use virtual desktops and application streaming to limit upgrade and device requirements.

  • Move processor or memory-intensive tasks to the cloud to use its elasticity.

  • Evaluate the impact of processes and systems on your device lifecycle, and select solutions that minimize the requirement for device replacement while satisfying business requirements.

  • Implement remote management for devices to reduce required business travel.


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