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Design with purpose

All government systems, programs, services, and policies are meant to deliver an outcome. Whether it is for the department mission, legislative responsibilities, a policy objective, or something else, it’s important that those designing and delivering government solutions understand the purpose and intent behind the service, as well as how it’s meant to impact the public. These factors should inform the design, success criteria, end-user research, engagement strategy, architectural design, and the measurement framework for the system. 

Questions to ask: 

  • Do you understand the mission, mandate, and policy objectives of the government customers? How will you measure success?

  • What is the intended impact of the system or service? Are you measuring or tracking that impact from the beginning? 

  • Does the measurement framework include customer and end-user feedback and satisfaction? Does it include staff feedback the intended policy impacts and monitoring for unintended human impacts?

  • Have you considered the potential risks of this service to the community?