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Iterate and improve frequently (with end user and staff feedback)

Continuous improvement of services in response to events or initiatives impacting society, citizens, end users, and public sector employees is vital to maintain trust and verifies that service delivery can evolve in a timely manner. Therefore, mechanisms for collecting and responding to requirements need to be established. People responsible for service delivery can ask themselves how the service will be managed after launch, and if there is a supporting operating model with continuous improvement mechanisms in place. This approach also could include automation of testing and deployment, load testing at scale, and other ways to improve consistency of continuous change deployment to reduce unexpected issues or unnecessary human error.

Questions to ask: 

  • How will the product management team identify, escalate, prioritize, and implement change from user and staff feedback?

  • How often can product improvements happen? Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly? 

  • How long does it take and how much effort is needed to push iterations or improvements to the service?

  • Does the service have funding and the necessary resources to manage it past the initial launch? 

  • Who is the product owner and how will they engage with the development and design teams through the lifecycle of the service?