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Make the service simple and intuitive

Most government service standards talk about making it simple for people to get what they need from the government service. Designing with users will help facilitate this goal, but it’s a good additional design principle to purposefully do the hard work to make it simpler to use. Try to integrate or incorporate functionality rather than redirecting to an existing service. Take a whole of experience approach rather than just a transactional step improvement. Use simple and clear language. Use and contribute to common design services to maintain a common look and feel for government services.

Questions to ask: 

  • How are you measuring and designing for simplicity and intuitive services?

  • How are you engaging with a diverse group of users through the product design and development? 

  • What customer experience (CX) and user satisfaction measures are you implementing?

  • How readable and simple to understand is the language used across the service?

  • How consistent and intuitive is the design of the service?