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Measure, report, and take data-driven decisions

Work out what success looks like for the government service or system and identify metrics that will tell the end user and the government itself what’s working and what can be improved. Combine this effort with user research. Support the government to build measurement capabilities from the beginning, so that they can baseline and measure the impact of their service, taking into account the service performance, user experience, intended policy impact, and measurable impact. Use testing and actual data to drive decision making, so that changes and improvements have a higher chance of success.

Questions to ask: 

  • Have you established the measurement and monitoring systems to enable data-driven decision making?

  • Are threats or anti-patterns identified and escalated in close to real time?

  • How is the system performance, user experience, policy impact, and human impact measured and monitored?

  • What do you need to measure in order to determine performance success outcomes and impact?