Prepare - High Performance Computing Lens


Review the corresponding section in the AWS Well-Architected Framework whitepaper.

As you prepare to deploy your workload, consider using specialized software packages (commercial or open source) to gain visibility into system information and leverage this information to define architecture patterns for your workloads. Use automation tools, such as AWS ParallelCluster or AWS CloudFormation, to define these architectures in a way that is configurable with variables.

The Cloud provides multiple scheduling options. One option is to use AWS Batch, which is a fully managed batch processing service with support for both single-node and multi-node tasks. Another option is to not use a scheduler. For example, you can create an ephemeral cluster to run a single job directly.

HPCOPS 1: How do you standardize architectures across clusters?
HPCOPS 2: How do you schedule jobs – traditional schedulers, AWS Batch, or no scheduler with ephemeral clusters?