Best Practice 20.4 – Aggregate data at the edge where possible - IoT Lens Checklist

Best Practice 20.4 – Aggregate data at the edge where possible

Data aggregation is an architectural decision that can have impacts on data fidelity. Aggregations should be thoroughly reviewed with engineering and architectural teams before implementation. If the device can aggregate data before sending for processing using methods such as combining messages or removing duplicate or repeating values, that can reduce the amount of processing, the number of associated resources, and associated expense.

Recommendation 20.4.1 – Examine device telemetry for opportunities to batch and aggregate data

  • A common mechanism includes combining multiple status updates to a final status, or combining a series of measurements generated by the device into a single message.

  • For example, 10K of device telemetry data might be packaged as one 10-K message, two 5-K messages, or 10 1-K messages. Each packaging format has implications outside of cost such as network traffic (10 1-K messages will each add their own header messaging as opposed to a single 10-K message with one header) and the impact of a lost or delayed message. Optimizing message size should consider how a lost message impacts the functional or non-functional characteristics of the system.

Recommendation 20.4.2 – Use cost calculators to model different approaches for message size and count

  • The AWS Pricing Calculator can estimate IoT costs for specific message sizes, traffic, and operations.