Contributors - IoT Lens Checklist


The following individuals and organizations contributed to this document:

  • Ryan Burke: Worldwide Tech Leader, IoT

  • Olawale Oladehin: Worldwide SA Leader, IoT

  • Neel Mitra: Principal Specialist Solutions Architect

  • Arun Viswanathan: Senior Specialist Solutions Architect

  • Massimiliano Angelino: Principal Specialist Solutions Architect

  • Matthew Stanlake: Americas SA Leader, IoT

  • Lon Miller: Senior Solutions Architect

  • David Malone: Senior Specialist Solutions Architect

  • Chris Snowden: Senior Technical Account Manager

  • Ravikant Gupta: Senior Solutions Architect

  • Syed Rehan: Senior Specialist Solutions Architect

  • Rajeev Muralidhar: Principal IoT Specialist SA

  • Albert Lee: Senior IoT Specialist SA

  • David Malone: Senior IoT Specialist SA

  • Neel Sendas: Senior Technical Account Manager

  • Mike Ruiz: Principal Solutions Architect, Well-Architected (Technical Reviewer)

  • Jongnam Lee: Senior Solutions Architect, Well-Architected (Program Manager)