11 – Design to withstand connectivity failures - IoT Lens Checklist

11 – Design to withstand connectivity failures

How do you ensure that your IoT device operates with intermittent connectivity to the cloud? Connection to the cloud can be intermittent and devices should be designed to handle this. Choose devices with firmware designed for intermittent cloud connection and that have the ability to store data on the device if you cannot afford to lose the data.

Follow the best practices and check if your workload is well-architected.

ID Priority Best Practice
BP 11.1 Required Synchronize device states upon connection to the cloud
BP 11.2 Highly Recommended Use device hardware with sufficient capacity to meet your data retention requirements while disconnected
BP 11.3 Highly Recommended Down sample data to reduce storage requirements and network utilization
BP 11.4 Recommended Use an exponential backoff with jitter and retry logic to connect remote devices to the cloud

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