19 – Optimize the ingestion of telemetry data - IoT Lens Checklist

19 – Optimize the ingestion of telemetry data

How do you optimize the ingestion of telemetry data? Evaluating and optimizing your IoT application for its specific needs, whether telemetry data ingestion or controlling devices in the field, ensures that you get the best outcomes in balancing performances and cost. Separating the way that your application handles data collected through sensors or device probes from command-and-control flows helps achieve better performance.

Follow the best practices and check if your workload is well-designed.

ID Priority Best Practice
BP 19.1 Highly Recommended Identify the ingestion mechanisms that best fit your use case
BP 19.2 Required Evaluate network connectivity and data freshness requirements
BP 19.3 Recommended Optimize data sent from devices to backend services

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