24 – Educate people to operate IoT workload at scale - IoT Lens Checklist

24 – Educate people to operate IoT workload at scale

How do you ensure that you are ready to support the operations of devices in your IoT workload? Operating IoT workloads at scale is different than testing and running prototypes. You need to ensure that your team is prepared and trained to operate a widely distributed IoT data collection application. IoT workloads require your teams to learn new skills and competencies to deliver edge-to-cloud outcomes. Your team needs to be able to pinpoint key operational thresholds that indicate a high level of readiness.

Follow the best practices and check if your workload is well-architected.

ID Priority Best Practice
BP 24.1 Required Train team members supporting your IoT workloads on the lifecycle of IoT applications and your business objectives

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