25 – Govern device fleet provisioning processes - IoT Lens Checklist

25 – Govern device fleet provisioning processes

IoT solutions can scale to millions of devices and this requires device fleets to be well planned from the perspectives of provisioning processes and metadata organization. Defining how devices are provisioned must include how the devices are manufactured and how they are registered. Maintain a full chain of security controls over who or what processes can trigger device provisioning to decrease the likelihood of inviting unintended (or rogue) devices into your fleet.

Follow the best practices and check if your workload is well-architected.

ID Priority Best Practice
BP 25.1 Required Document how devices join your fleet from manufacturing to provisioning
BP 25.2 Recommended Use programmatic techniques to provision devices at scale
BP 25.3 Highly Recommended Use device level features to enable re-provisioning
BP 25.4 Recommended Use data-driven auditing metrics to detect if any of your IoT devices might have been compromised
BP 25.5 Highly Recommended Bootstrap devices to use the endpoint with the least latency

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