Workload context checklist - IoT Lens Checklist

Workload context checklist

To better understand your business’s context, you need to gather the following information.

ID Priority Workload Context
C1 Required Name of the workload
C2 Required Description that contains the business purposes, key performance indicators (KPIs), and the intended users of the workload.
C3 Required Review owner who leads the lens review
C4 Required Workload owner who is responsible for maintaining the workload.
C5 Required Business stakeholders who sponsor the workload
C6 Required Business partners who have a stake in the workload, such as information security, finance, and legal
C7 Recommended Architecture design document that describes the workload
C8 Recommended AWS Account IDs associated with the workload
C9 Recommended Regulatory compliance requirements relevant to the workload (if any)