Communication Layer - IoT Lens

Communication Layer

The Communication layer handles the connectivity, message routing among remote devices, and routing between devices and the cloud. The Communication layer lets you establish how IoT messages are sent and received by devices, and how devices represent and store their physical state in the cloud.

AWS IoT Core helps you build IoT applications by providing a managed message broker that supports the use of the MQTT protocol to publish and subscribe IoT messages between devices.

The AWS IoT Device Registry helps you manage and operate your things. A thing is a representation of a specific device or logical entity in the cloud. Things can also have custom defined static attributes that help you identify, categorize, and search for your assets once deployed.

With the AWS IoT Device Shadow Service, you can create a data store that contains the current state of a particular device. The Device Shadow Service maintains a virtual representation of each of your devices you connect to AWS IoT as a distinct device shadow. Each device's shadow is uniquely identified by the name of the corresponding thing.

With Amazon API Gateway, your IoT applications can make HTTP requests to control your IoT devices. IoT applications require API interfaces for internal systems, such as dashboards for remote technicians, and external systems, such as a home consumer mobile application. With Amazon API Gateway, you can create common API interfaces without provisioning and managing the underlying infrastructure.