Compute - IoT Lens


IoT applications lend themselves to a high flow of ingestion that requires continuous processing over the stream of messages. Therefore, an architecture must choose compute services that support the steady enrichment of stream processing and the execution of business applications during and prior to data storage.

The most common compute service used in IoT is AWS Lambda, which allows actions to be invoked when telemetry data reaches AWS IoT Core or AWS IoT Greengrass. AWS Lambda can be used at different points throughout IoT. The location where you elect to trigger your business logic with AWS Lambda is influenced by the time that you want to process a specific data event.

Amazon EC2 instances can also be used for a variety of IoT use cases. They can be used for managed relational databases systems and for a variety of applications, such as web, reporting, or to host existing on-premises solutions.

IOTPERF 5. How do you select your compute solutions for processing AWS IoT events?