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Database Services – NoSQL and SQL

While a data lake can function as a landing zone for all of your unformatted IoT generated data, to support all the formatted views on top of your IoT data, you need to complement your data lake with structured and semi structured data stores. For these purposes, you should leverage both NoSQL and SQL databases. These types of databases enable you to create different views of your IoT data for distinct end users of your application.

Amazon DynamoDB is a fast and flexible NoSQL database service for IoT data. With IoT applications, customers often require flexible data models with reliable performance and automatic scaling of throughput capacity.

With Amazon Aurora your IoT architecture can store structured data in a performant and cost-effective open source database. When your data needs to be accessible to other IoT applications for predefined SQL queries, relational databases provide you another mechanism for decoupling the device stream of the ingestion layer from your eventual business applications, which need to act on discrete segments of your data.