Design Principles - IoT Lens

Design Principles

In addition to the overall Well-Architected Framework performance efficiency design principles, there are three design principles for performance efficiency for IoT in the cloud:

  • Use managed services: AWS provides several managed services across databases, compute, and storage which can assist your architecture in increasing the overall reliability and performance.

  • Process data in batches: Decouple the connectivity portion of IoT applications from the ingestion and processing portion in IoT. By decoupling the ingestion layer, your IoT application can handle data in aggregate and can scale more seamlessly by processing multiple IoT messages at once.

  • Use event driven architectures: IoT systems publish events from devices and permeate those events to other subsystems in your IoT application. Design mechanisms that cater to event-driven architectures, such as leveraging queues, message handling, idempotency, dead-letter queues, and state machines.