Key AWS Services - IoT Lens

Key AWS Services

Several services can be used to drive operational excellence for your IoT application. The AWS Device Qualification Program helps you select hardware components that have been designed and tested for AWS IoT interoperability. Qualified hardware can get you to market faster and reduce operational friction. AWS IoT Core offers features used to manage the initial onboarding of a device. AWS IoT Device Management reduces the operational overhead of performing fleet-wide operations, such as device grouping and searching. In addition, Amazon CloudWatch is used for monitoring IoT metrics, collecting logs, generating alerts, and triggering responses. Other services and features that support the three areas of operational excellence are as follows:

  • Preparation: AWS IoT Core supports provisioning and onboarding your devices in the field, including registering the device identity using just-in-time provisioning, just-in-time registration, or Bring Your Own Certificate. Devices can then be associated with their metadata and device state using the device registry and the Device Shadow.

  • Operations: AWS IoT thing groups and Fleet Indexing allow you to quickly develop an organizational structure for your devices and search across the current metadata of your devices to perform recurring device operations. Amazon CloudWatch allows you to monitor the operational health of your devices and your application.

  • Responses: AWS IoT Jobs enables you to proactively push updates to one or more devices such as firmware updates or device configuration. AWS IoT rules engine allows you to inspect IoT messages as they are received by AWS IoT Core and immediately respond to the data, at the most granular level. AWS IoT Analytics and AWS IoT Device Defender enable you to proactively trigger notifications or remediation based on real-time analysis with AWS IoT Analytics, and real-time security and data thresholds with Device Defender.