Management Applications - IoT Lens

Management Applications

The purpose of management applications is to create scalable ways to operate your devices once they are deployed in the field. Common operational tasks such as inspecting the connectivity state of a device, ensuring device credentials are configured correctly, and querying devices based on their current state must be in place before launch so that your system has the required visibility to troubleshoot applications.

AWS IoT Device Defender is a fully managed service that audits your device fleets, detects abnormal device behavior, alerts you to security issues, and helps you investigate and mitigate commonly encountered IoT security issues.

AWS IoT Device Management eases the organizing, monitoring, and managing of IoT devices at scale. At scale, customers are managing fleets of devices across multiple physical locations. AWS IoT Device Management enables you to group devices for easier management. You can also enable real-time search indexing against the current state of your devices through Device Management Fleet Indexing. Both Device Groups and Fleet Indexing can be used with Over the Air Updates (OTA) when determining which target devices must be updated.