Selection - IoT Lens


Well-Architected IoT solutions are made up of multiple systems and components such as devices, connectivity, databases, data processing, and analytics. In AWS, there are several IoT services, database offerings, and analytics solutions that enable you to quickly build solutions that are well-architected while allowing you to focus on business objectives. AWS recommends that you leverage a mix of managed AWS services that best fit your workload. The following questions focus on these considerations for performance efficiency.

IOTPERF 1. How do you select the best performing IoT architecture?

When you select the implementation for your architecture, use a data-driven approach based on the long-term view of your operation. IoT applications align naturally to event driven architectures. Your architecture will combine services that integrate with event-driven patterns such as notifications, publishing and subscribing to data, stream processing, and event-driven compute. In the following sections we look at the five main IoT resource types that you should consider (devices, connectivity, databases, compute, and analytics).