Conclusion - Operational Excellence Pillar


Operational excellence is an ongoing and iterative effort.

Set up your organization for success by having shared goals. Ensure that everyone understands their part in achieving business outcomes and how they impact the ability of others to succeed. Provide support for your team members so that they can support your business outcomes.

Every operational event and failure should be treated as an opportunity to improve the operations of your architecture. By understanding the needs of your workloads, predefining runbooks for routine activities, and playbooks to guide issue resolution, using the operations as code features in AWS, and maintaining situational awareness, your operations will be better prepared and able to respond more effectively when incidents occur.

Through focusing on incremental improvement based on priorities as they change, and lessons learned from event response and retrospective analysis, you will enable the success of your business by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your activities.

AWS strives to help you build and operate architectures that maximize efficiency while you build highly responsive and adaptive deployments. To increase the operational excellence of your workloads, you should use the best practices discussed in this paper.