OPS11-BP05 Define drivers for improvement - Operational Excellence Pillar

OPS11-BP05 Define drivers for improvement

Identify drivers for improvement to help you evaluate and prioritize opportunities based on data and feedback loops. Explore improvement opportunities in your systems and processes, and automate where appropriate.

Desired outcome:

  • You track data from across your environment.

  • You correlate events and activities to business outcomes.

  • You can compare and contrast between environments and systems.

  • You maintain a detailed activity history of your deployments and outcomes.

  • You collect data to support your security posture.

Common anti-patterns:

  • You collect data from across your environment but do not correlate events and activities.

  • You collect detailed data from across your estate, and it drives high Amazon CloudWatch and AWS CloudTrail activity and cost. However, you do not use this data meaningfully.

  • You do not account for business outcomes when defining drivers for improvement.

  • You do not measure the effects of new features.

Benefits of establishing this best practice:

  • You minimize the impact of event-based motivations or emotional investment by determining criteria for improvement.

  • You respond to business events, not just technical ones.

  • You measure your environment to identify areas of improvement.

Level of risk exposed if this best practice is not established: Medium

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