OPS11-BP07 Perform operations metrics reviews - Operational Excellence Pillar

OPS11-BP07 Perform operations metrics reviews

Regularly perform retrospective analysis of operations metrics with cross-team participants from different areas of the business. Use these reviews to identify opportunities for improvement, potential courses of action, and to share lessons learned.

Look for opportunities to improve in all of your environments (for example, development, test, and production).

Common anti-patterns:

  • There was a significant retail promotion that was interrupted by your maintenance window. The business remains unaware that there is a standard maintenance window that could be delayed if there are other business impacting events.

  • You suffered an extended outage because of your use of a buggy library commonly used in your organization. You have since migrated to a reliable library. The other teams in your organization do not know that they are at risk. If you met regularly and reviewed this incident, they would be aware of the risk.

  • Performance of your transcoder has been falling off steadily and impacting the media team. It isn't terrible yet. You will not have an opportunity to find out until it is bad enough to cause an incident. Were you to review your operations metrics with the media team, there would be an opportunity for the change in metrics and their experience to be recognized and the issue addressed.

  • You are not reviewing your satisfaction of customer SLAs. You are trending to not meet your customer SLAs. There are financial penalties related to not meeting your customer SLAs. If you meet regularly to review the metrics for these SLAs, you would have the opportunity to recognize and address the issue.

Benefits of establishing this best practice: By meeting regularly to review operations metrics, events, and incidents, you maintain common understanding across teams, share lessons learned, and can prioritize and target improvements.

Level of risk exposed if this best practice is not established: Medium

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