Separated AEO and IEO with Centralized Governance and a Service Provider - Operational Excellence Pillar

Separated AEO and IEO with Centralized Governance and a Service Provider

This “Separated AEO and IEO” model follows a “you build it you run it” methodology.

Your application engineers and developers perform both the engineering and the operation of their workloads.

Your organization may not have the existing skills, or team members, to support a dedicated platform engineering and operations team, or you may not want to make the investments of time and effort to do so.

Alternatively, you may wish to have a platform team that is focused on creating capabilities that will differentiate your business, but you want to offload the undifferentiated day to day operations to an outsourcer.

Managed Services providers such as AWS Managed Services, AWS Managed Services Partners, or Managed Services Providers in the AWS Partner Network, provide expertise implementing cloud environments, and support your security and compliance requirements and business goals.

For this variation, we are going to treat governance as centralized and managed by the platform team, with account creation and policies managed with AWS Organizations and AWS Control Tower.

This model does require you to modify your mechanisms to work with those of your service provider. It does not address the bottlenecks and delays created by transition of tasks between teams, including your service provider, or the potential rework related to the late identification of defects.

You gain the advantage of your providers’ standards, best practices, processes, and expertise. You also gain the benefits of their ongoing development of their service offerings.

Adding Managed Services to your operating model can save you time and resources, and lets you keep your internal teams lean and focused on strategic outcomes that will differentiate your business, rather than developing new skills and capabilities.