Canary Deployments - Serverless Applications Lens

This whitepaper is in the process of being updated.

Canary Deployments

Canary deployments are an ever-increasing way for you to leverage the new release of a software in a controlled environment and enabling rapid deployment cycles. Canary deployments involve deploying a small number of requests to the new change to analyze impact to a small number of your users. Since you no longer need to worry about provisioning and scaling the underlying infrastructure of the new deployment, the AWS Cloud has helped facilitate this adoption.

With Canary deployments in API Gateway, you can deploy a change to your backend endpoint (for example, Lambda) while still maintaining the same API Gateway HTTP endpoint for consumers. In addition, you can also control what percentage of traffic is routed to new deployment and for a controlled traffic cutover. A practical scenario for a canary deployment might be a new website. You can monitor the click-through rates on a small number of end users before shifting all traffic to the new deployment.