Conclusion - Serverless Applications Lens


While serverless applications take the undifferentiated heavy-lifting off developers, there are still important principles to apply.

For reliability, regular testing of failure paths provides you with a better chance of catching errors before they reach production. For performance, starting backward from customer expectations will allow you to design for optimal experience. There are a number of AWS tools to help optimize performance.

For cost optimization, you can reduce waste within your serverless application by right-sizing resources to support traffic demands, and improve value by optimizing your application. For operations, your architecture should strive toward automation in responding to events.

Finally, a secure application will protect your organization’s sensitive information assets and meet any compliance requirements at every layer.

The serverless landscape continues to evolve with the growth and maturation of tooling, processes, and adoption. We will continue to update this paper to ensure that you have the resources and knowledge needed to build and operate well-architected serverless systems on AWS.