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Data layer

The data layer of your workload manages persistent storage from within a system. It provides a secure mechanism to store the states that your business logic will need. It provides a mechanism to trigger events in response to data changes.

Amazon DynamoDB helps you build serverless applications by providing a managed NoSQL database for persistent storage. Combined with DynamoDB Streams, you can respond in near real-time to changes in your DynamoDB table by invoking Lambda functions. DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) adds a highly available in-memory cache for DynamoDB that delivers up to 10x performance improvement from milliseconds to microseconds.

With Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), you can build serverless web applications and websites by providing a highly-available key-value store, from which static assets can be served via a Content Delivery Network (CDN), such as Amazon CloudFront.

Amazon OpenSearch Service (OpenSearch Service) makes it easy to deploy, secure, operate, and scale OpenSearch for log analytics, full-text search, application monitoring, and more. OpenSearch Service is a fully managed service that provides both a search engine and analytics tools.

AWS AppSync is a managed GraphQL service with real-time and offline capabilities, as well as enterprise-grade security controls that make developing applications simple. AWS AppSync provides a data-driven API and consistent programming language for applications and devices to connect to services such as DynamoDB, OpenSearch Service, and Amazon S3.