AWS Well-Architected Tool
User Guide

Improvement Plan Tab

To display the improvement plan for your workload, choose the Improvement plan tab.

The Improvement plan overview section lists the number of high and medium risks identified in your workload, the Improvement status you set, and the priority order that you applied to the five pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

Choose Edit to update the priority order of the pillars. You can drag and drop the pillars into the desired order or use the up and down arrows to arrange them. Choose Save to save your changes.

The Improvement items section shows the recommended improvement items identified in your workload. The questions are ordered based on the pillar priority you set, with high risk items listed first followed by medium risk items. Only those questions with risks identified are displayed.

You can filter the improvement items by level of risk, by pillar, or both.

Choose a question to review your answer and any notes recorded during the workload review. Expand Recommended improvement items for expert guidance to help you fix the identified risks. Each recommended improvement item links to a page with actionable details to help you eliminate, or at least mitigate, the risks identified.