Conclusion - Amazon Aurora MySQL Migration Handbook


Amazon Aurora is a high performance, highly available, and enterprise-grade database built for the cloud. Amazon Aurora is designed to offer better performance and greater availability than other open-source databases and lower costs than most commercial grade databases. This paper proposes strategies for identifying the best method to migrate databases to Amazon Aurora and details the procedures for planning and executing those migrations. In particular, AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) as well as the AWS Schema Conversion Tool are the recommended tools for heterogeneous migration scenarios. These powerful tools can greatly reduce the cost and complexity of database migrations.

Multiple factors contribute to a successful database migration:

  • The choice of the database product.

  • A migration approach (such as methods, tools) that meets performance and uptime requirements.

  • Well-defined migration procedures that enable database administrators to prepare, test, and complete all migration steps with confidence.

  • The ability to identify, diagnose, and deal with issues with little or no interruption to the migration process.

We hope that the guidance provided in this document will help you introduce meaningful improvements in all of these areas, and that it will ultimately contribute to creating a better overall experience for your database migrations to Amazon Aurora.