Conclusion and further reading - Amazon Connect Data Lake Best Practices

Conclusion and further reading

Amazon Connect is a purpose-built omnichannel cloud contact center that provides a seamless and frictionless experience for your customers and agents. You can simplify operations, improve agent efficiency, and lower contact center cost with Amazon Connect.

Amazon S3 is a scalable, durable, and reliable service to build and manage a secure data lake at scale for contact centers. You can store all your contact center data as-is in the S3 data lake without restructuring the data, accelerating value extraction with shorter time-to-value. Your employees and stakeholders can run various analytics on the contact center data lake, including big data processing, real-time dashboards and visualizations, and ML to guide data-driven business decisions.

An efficient and streamlined contact center data lake can be a key driver for improving customer experience and developing market adoption. With a comprehensive portfolio of analytic services and scalable infrastructure on AWS, you can harness the power and unleash the intelligence of your contact center data lake to accelerate business growth.

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