Choice of Region (BP8) - AWS Best Practices for DDoS Resiliency

Choice of Region (BP8)

AWS services are available in multiple locations worldwide. These geographically separate areas are called regions. When architecting your application, you can choose one or more regions based on your requirements. Common considerations include performance, cost, and data sovereignty. In each region, AWS provides access to a unique set of internet connections and peering relationships to provide optimal latency and throughput to users in those areas.

It is also important to consider DDoS resiliency when you choose the regions for your application. Many regions are close to internet exchanges so they have more connectivity to major networks. Being close to exchanges where international carriers and large peers have a strong presence can help give you the internet capacity to mitigate larger attacks.

To learn more about choosing a region, see Regions and Availability Zones. You can also ask your account team about the characteristics of each region that you’re considering, to help you make an informed decision.