Conclusion - AWS Governance at Scale


Governance at scale is a new concept for automating cloud governance that can help your company retire manual processes in account management, budget enforcement, and security and compliance. By automating these common challenges, the company can scale without inhibiting agility, speed, and innovation, while providing decision makers with the visibility, control, and governance that is necessary to protect sensitive data and systems.

Carefully consider which solution you chose for your company. The decision to build or buy a solution can have critical implications on your AWS migration strategy. Discuss the potential impact with your AWS Solution Architect and/or Professional Services consultant. They can help ensure your solution meets your specific requirements. The use case example in Appendix A offers one way to formalize implementation. This example shows the challenges companies face, and the effect a governance at scale implementation can have. Appendix B provides you with a list of the key capabilities for each governance at scale focal point.

The Governance at Scale framework provides a compass and map to help companies build or buy solutions that can help them scale with confidence, by replacing human based governance processes with automation that is familiar, and easy to use for all stakeholders.