AWS Migration Whitepaper - AWS Migration Whitepaper

AWS Migration Whitepaper

Publication date: March 2018 (Document Revisions)


Adopting Amazon Web Services presents many benefits, such as increased business agility, flexibility, and reduced costs. As an enterprise’s cloud journey evolves from building and running cloud-native applications on AWS, to mapping out the migration of an entire enterprise IT estate, certain challenges surface. Migrating at scale to AWS calls for a level of business transformation in order to fully realize the numerous benefits of operating in a cloud environment, including changes to tools, processes, and skillsets.

The AWS approach is a culmination of our experiences in helping large companies migrate to the cloud. From these experiences, we have developed a set of methods and best practices to enable a successful move to AWS. Here we discuss the importance of driving organizational change and leadership, how to establish foundational readiness and plan for migrating at scale, and our iterative approach to migration execution.

Migrating to AWS requires an iterative approach, which begins with building and evolving your business case as you and your team learn and uncover more data over time, through activities like application portfolio discovery and portfolio analysis. There are the common migration strategies that will inform your business plan, and a recommended approach to organizing and evolving your cloud teams as confidence and capability increases. You will stand up a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) to lead and drive change, evangelize your cloud migration initiative, establish cloud governance guardrails, and enable and prepare your organization to provide and consume new services. Our approach walks you through what it means to be ready to migrate at scale, and how to establish a solid foundation to save time and prevent roadblocks down the road. We will cover our approach to migration execution, continuing on with building momentum and acceleration through a method of learn-and-iterate.