AWS Snowball - AWS Storage Services Overview

AWS Snowball

AWS Snowball accelerates moving large amounts of data into and out of AWS using secure Snowball appliances. The Snowball appliance is purpose-built for efficient data storage and transfer. All AWS Regions have 80 TB Snowballs while US Regions have both 50 TB and 80 TB models. The Snowball appliance is rugged enough to withstand an 8.5-G jolt. At less than 50 pounds, the appliance is light enough for one person to carry. It is entirely self-contained, with a power cord, one RJ45 1 GigE and two SFP+ 10 GigE network connections on the back and an E Ink display and control panel on the front. Each Snowball appliance is water-resistant and dustproof and serves as its own rugged shipping container.

AWS transfers your data directly onto and off of Snowball storage devices using Amazon’s high-speed internal network and bypasses the Internet. For datasets of significant size, Snowball is often faster than Internet transfer and more cost effective than upgrading your connectivity. AWS Snowball supports importing data into and exporting data from Amazon S3 buckets. From there, the data can be copied or moved to other AWS services such as Amazon EBS and Amazon Glacier as desired.