Cost Model - AWS Storage Services Overview

Cost Model

With Amazon S3 Glacier, you pay only for what you use and there is no minimum fee. In normal use, Amazon S3 Glacier has three pricing components: storage (per GB per month), data transfer out (per GB per month), and requests (per thousand UPLOAD and RETRIEVAL requests per month).

Note that Amazon S3 Glacier is designed with the expectation that retrievals are infrequent and unusual, and data will be stored for extended periods of time. You can retrieve up to 5 percent of your average monthly storage (prorated daily) for free each month. If you retrieve more than this amount of data in a month, you are charged an additional (per GB) retrieval fee. A prorated charge (per GB) also applies for items deleted prior to 90 days’ passage. You can find pricing information at the Amazon S3 Glacier pricing page.