Cost Model - AWS Storage Services Overview

Cost Model

As with other AWS services, with Amazon EBS you pay only for what you provision, in increments down to 1 GB. In contrast, hard disks come in fixed sizes and you pay for the entire size of the disk regardless of the amount you use or allocate. Amazon EBS pricing has three components: provisioned storage, I/O requests, and snapshot storage. Amazon EBS General Purpose (SSD), Throughput Optimized (HDD), and Cold (HDD) volumes are charged per GB-month of provisioned storage. Amazon EBS Provisioned IOPS (SSD) volumes are charged per GB-month of provisioned storage and per provisioned IOPS-month. For all volume types, Amazon EBS snapshots are charged per GB-month of data stored. An Amazon EBS snapshot copy is charged for the data transferred between Regions and for the standard Amazon EBS snapshot charges in the destination Region.

It’s important to remember that for EBS volumes, you are charged for provisioned (allocated) storage, whether or not you actually use it. For Amazon EBS snapshots, you are charged only for storage actually used (consumed). Note that Amazon EBS snapshots are incremental so the storage used in any snapshot is generally much less than the storage consumed for an EBS volume.

Note that there is no charge for transferring information among the various AWS storage offerings (that is, an EC2 instance transferring information with Amazon EBS, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, and so on) as long as the storage offerings are within the same AWS Region.

You can find pricing information for Amazon EBS at the Amazon EBS pricing page.