Cost Model - AWS Storage Services Overview

Cost Model

With Amazon CloudFront, there are no long-term contracts or required minimum monthly commitments—you pay only for as much content as you actually deliver through the service. Amazon CloudFront has two pricing components: regional data transfer out (per GB) and requests (per 10,000). As part of the Free Usage Tier, new AWS customers don’t get charged for 50 GB data transfer out and 2,000,000 HTTP and HTTPS requests each month for one year.

Note that if you use an AWS service as the origin (for example, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Elastic Load Balancing, or others), data transferred from the origin to edge locations (i.e., Amazon CloudFront “origin fetches”) will be free of charge. For web distributions, data transfer out of Amazon CloudFront to your origin server will be billed at the “Regional Data Transfer Out of Origin” rates.

CloudFront provides three different price classes according to where your content needs to be distributed. If you don’t need your content to be distributed globally, but only within certain locations such as the US and Europe, you can lower the prices you pay to deliver by choosing a price class that includes only these locations.

Although there are no long-term contracts or required minimum monthly commitments, CloudFront offers an optional reserved capacity plan that gives you the option to commit to a minimum monthly usage level for 12 months or longer and in turn receive a significant discount. You can find pricing information at the Amazon CloudFront pricing page.