Cost Model - AWS Storage Services Overview

Cost Model

With Amazon S3, you pay only for the storage you actually use. There is no minimum fee and no setup cost. Amazon S3 Standard has three pricing components: storage (per GB per month), data transfer in or out (per GB per month), and requests (per thousand requests per month). For new customers, AWS provides the AWS Free Tier, which includes up to 5 GB of Amazon S3 storage, 20,000 get requests, 2,000 put requests, and 15 GB of data transfer out each month for one year, for free. You can find pricing information at the Amazon S3 pricing page. There are Data Transfer IN and OUT fees if you enable Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration on a bucket and the transfer performance is faster than regular Amazon S3 transfer. If we determine that Transfer Acceleration is not likely to be faster than a regular Amazon S3 transfer of the same object to the same destination, we will not charge for that use of Transfer Acceleration for that transfer, and may bypass the Transfer Acceleration system for that upload.