Durability and Availability - AWS Storage Services Overview

Durability and Availability

Amazon EC2 local instance store volumes are not intended to be used as durable disk storage. Unlike Amazon EBS volume data, data on instance store volumes persists only during the life of the associated EC2 instance. This functionality means that data on instance store volumes is persistent across orderly instance reboots, but if the EC2 instance is stopped and restarted, terminates, or fails, all data on the instance store volumes is lost. For more information on the lifecycle of an EC2 instance, see Instance Lifecycle in the Amazon EC2 User Guide.

You should not use local instance store volumes for any data that must persist over time, such as permanent file or database storage, without providing data persistence by replicating data or periodically copying data to durable storage such as Amazon EBS or Amazon S3. Note that this usage recommendation also applies to the special-purpose SSD and high-density instance store volumes in the high I/O and high storage instance types.