Interfaces - AWS Storage Services Overview


Amazon offers a REST management API for Amazon EBS, as well as support for Amazon EBS operations within both the AWS SDKs and the AWS CLI. The API actions and EBS operations are used to create, delete, describe, attach, and detach EBS volumes for your EC2 instances; to create, delete, and describe snapshots from Amazon EBS to Amazon S3; and to copy snapshots from one region to another. If you prefer to work with a graphical user interface, the AWS Management Console gives you all the capabilities of the API in a browser interface. Regardless of how you create your EBS volume, note that all storage is allocated at the time of volume creation, and that you are charged for this allocated storage even if you don’t write data to it.

Amazon EBS doesn’t provide a data API. Instead, Amazon EBS presents a block- device interface to the EC2 instance. That is, to the EC2 instance, an EBS volume appears just like a local disk drive. To write to and read data from EBS volumes, you use the native file system I/O interfaces of your chosen operating system.