Scalability and Elasticity - AWS Storage Services Overview

Scalability and Elasticity

Using the AWS Management Console or the Amazon EBS API, you can easily and rapidly provision and release EBS volumes to scale in and out with your total storage demands.

The simplest approach is to create and attach a new EBS volume and begin using it together with your existing ones. However, if you need to expand the size of a single EBS volume, you can effectively resize a volume using a snapshot:

  1. Detach the original EBS volume.

  2. Create a snapshot of the original EBS volume’s data in Amazon S3.

  3. Create a new EBS volume from the snapshot but specify a larger size than the original volume.

  4. Attach the new, larger volume to your EC2 instance in place of the original. (In many cases, an OS-level utility must also be used to expand the file system.)

  5. Delete the original EBS volume.