Scalability and Elasticity - AWS Storage Services Overview

Scalability and Elasticity

In both gateway-cached and gateway-stored volume configurations, AWS Storage Gateway stores data in Amazon S3, which has been designed to offer a very high level of scalability and elasticity automatically. Unlike a typical file system that can encounter issues when storing large number of files in a directory, Amazon S3 supports a virtually unlimited number of files in any bucket. Also, unlike a disk drive that has a limit on the total amount of data that can be stored before you must partition the data across drives or servers, an Amazon S3 bucket can store a virtually unlimited number of bytes. You are able to store any number of objects, and Amazon S3 will manage scaling and distributing redundant copies of your information onto other servers in other locations in the same region, all using Amazon’s high-performance infrastructure.

In a gateway-VTL configuration, AWS Storage Gateway stores data in Amazon S3 or Amazon S3 Glacier, providing a virtual tape infrastructure that scales seamlessly with your business needs and eliminates the operational burden of provisioning, scaling, and maintaining a physical tape infrastructure.