Security - AWS Storage Services Overview


You can integrate Snowball with IAM to control which actions a user can perform. You can give the IAM users on your AWS account access to all Snowball actions or to a subset of them. Similarly, an IAM user that creates a Snowball job must have permissions to access the Amazon S3 buckets that will be used for the import operations.

For Snowball, AWS KMS protects the encryption keys used to protect data on each Snowball appliance. All data loaded onto a Snowball appliance is encrypted using 256-bit encryption.

Snowball is physically secured by using an industry- standard Trusted Platform Module (TPM) that uses a dedicated processor designed to detect any unauthorized modifications to the hardware, firmware, or software.

Snowball is included in the AWS HIPAA compliance program so you can use Snowball to transfer large amounts of Protected Health Information (PHI) data into and out of AWS.