Usage Patterns - AWS Storage Services Overview

Usage Patterns

Organizations are using Amazon S3 Glacier to support a number of use cases. These use cases include archiving offsite enterprise information, media assets, and research and scientific data, and also performing digital preservation and magnetic tape replacement.

Amazon S3 Glacier doesn’t suit all storage situations. The following table presents a few storage needs for which you should consider other AWS storage options.

Storage Need Solution AWS Services
Rapidly changing data Data that must be updated very frequently might be better served by a storage solution with lower read/write latencies, such as Amazon EBS, Amazon RDS, Amazon EFS, Amazon DynamoDB, or relational databases running on Amazon EC2. Amazon EBS Amazon RDSAmazon EFS Amazon DynamoDB Amazon EC2
Immediate access Data stored in Amazon S3 Glacier is not available immediately. Retrieval jobs typically require 3–5 hours to complete, so if you need immediate access to your object data, Amazon S3 is a better choice. Amazon S3