Usage Patterns - AWS Storage Services Overview

Usage Patterns

Snowball is ideal for transferring anywhere from terabytes to many petabytes of data in and out of the AWS Cloud securely. This is especially beneficial in cases where you don’t want to make expensive upgrades to your network infrastructure or in areas where high-speed Internet connections are not available or cost-prohibitive. In general, if loading your data over the Internet would take a week or more, you should consider using Snowball.

Common use cases include cloud migration, disaster recovery, data center decommission, and content distribution. When you decommission a data center, many steps are involved to make sure valuable data is not lost, and Snowball can help ensure data is securely and cost-effectively transferred to AWS. In a content distribution scenario, you might use Snowball appliances if you regularly receive or need to share large amounts of data with clients, customers, or business associates. Snowball appliances can be sent directly from AWS to client or customer locations.

Snowball might not be the ideal solution if your data can be transferred over the Internet in less than one week.